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  1. Justin

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing an update to Sixaxis Controller for Marshmallow? 😀

    • Dancing Pixel Studios

      You can rest assured it is still being actively worked on, and an update is in the pipeline, however the bluetooth stack was changed significantly, so it is taking much longer than I had hoped to write a new driver.

      I will post more once I have a better handle on the time-frame.

      • FknTwizted

        Your app is one of the only reasons I still root! Love this app good luck and yes please keep us die hard faithful in the loop good sir.

        • Vinnom

          Thank you! This is really good news!

          I was really worried that I could not use your app anymore (can’t go back to Lollipop, Marshmallow features are great). Now I can calmly wait for the update xD

      • inteks

        i bought it 2 week ago. and now there is an update to MM fpr my S5.
        for ppsspp i use a DS4 controller. it can connect nativly to my phone!
        is it possible that you make an update that only fix the lag after 30sec, ?? and maybe make the touchpad work?
        are this functions dependent to the bluetooth stack ??


      • Serra

        Thannkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuu. I’ve been waaaittinng on this.

      • kronzach

        Any news about the update? Would be great if it’s coming soon :)

      • Altalus

        Any news on this? I can’t wait for the update to I can purchase the app :)

  2. Baily

    Thank you for the Marshmallow support, I have a tablet with a broken screen and its useless without your app to help navigate! Good luck!

  3. Myfaceonyourshoulder

    Thanks for the update. Hope you can get Marshmallow support working. Just rooted my phone solely for this app and then found it wasn’t working :)

  4. Kevin Young

    Marshmallow support greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to find something else that works as good as your app to pair my sixaxis controller to my phone, but nothing has worked for 6.0 Hearing that you’re working on a marshmallow version is great.

  5. Davey

    Very much looking forward to using this app again. Lost it now I have phone with stupid Marshmallow 8|

  6. Lyle

    I just upgraded to marshmallow, didn’t realise sixaxis was not compatible yet. Is it worth downgrading so can continue playing with my ds3 controller, or is the update likely to happen soon? -great work by the way, this is the single best paid app I use.

  7. Blieque Mariguan

    It’s wonderful to hear that the application is still being maintained. Bluetooth or USB support with Android M and the DS4 would be truly wonderful. I’d buy the app without hesitation.

  8. King Librus

    Can we motivate $$$$$$ you to make this work with Marshmallow’s Bluetooth Stack?

  9. Anthony

    Any update in time frame for M6.0.1. update? Just purchased the app not knowing it wasn’t compatible with marshmallow yet.

  10. Nick Barr

    Been using this app for years (since my S3 in 2013). Just rooted my S7 Edge to use this but found it’s not working.
    Looking forward to MM update. Thanks.

  11. unclebob

    thanks hope 2 see update soon for Linking PS3 controller to Android 6.0 via Bluetooth ==marshmallow cant wait play snes and etc

  12. Yusuf

    That’s great news that your working on it for mm. Been using this app since kitkat :) Can you provide us an ETA?
    Thank You

  13. wilford

    any news about the update for marshmallow? lov this app so muchhh…

  14. Netricho

    “You can rest assured it is still being actively worked on, and an update is in the pipeline, however the bluetooth stack was changed significantly, so it is taking much longer than I had hoped to write a new driver.

    I will post more once I have a better handle on the time-frame.”

    Good news! I failed to find a solution to make my S6 Edge Plus (Marshmallow) + PS3 controller works…but now, i am happy. I just need to be patient. Thank you! :-)

  15. Miguel Perez Suazo

    I can’t use it anymore in my s6 edge 6.0, i haven’t tried with otg but bluetooth doesn’t work.
    Help )):

  16. Francois Bouchard

    I’m waiting on Android M support to buy the app. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone :-)

  17. Bronnel

    HI, can you please give us an update or ETA for the new version, we’re all waiting here stuck with mm not being able to connect our controllers, giving an update on the progress would be nice

  18. Harsh

    i am still on lollipop cause of you lazy fuks… update your app already.. jezz

  19. Harsh

    i am still on lollipop cause of you lazy guyss… update your app already..

  20. Android

    Is there a chance of finding out when Marshmallow will be supported?

  21. Chris

    Have we had any word on when this will be updated for marshmallow? Ive been jones’n to play some games that don’t have game pad controls in them!

  22. Jonathan

    Por favor actualicen para android MM ya que no funciona . Excelente app

  23. andriy yarovyi

    sony controller supports android tv?

  24. Jonathan Epstein

    Any word on where the new update stands?

  25. Juan Pablo

    I hope that soon we will have the new update, my bike recive maxx Android 6.0.1 and really miss this application … this application is the only worthwhile in playstore , hope you have some news soon …

    Greetings from Chile!

  26. Nick Barr

    So any update re Marshmallow? Or do I buy another Bluetooth controller. Holding out because of the touch emulation.

  27. Mark Ogania

    This app doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy j700H. I’ve already rooted my phone but it’s still does not work. I’ve also paired my PS3 controller through sixaxispair tool in my PC. Please fix this as soon as possible. My android version is 5.1.1. The Local Bluetooth Address does not show in the bottom of my screen when i press start and it also says that:
    Attempting connection type 1…
    Driver Starting…
    Segmentation fault
    Attempting to close server…
    Restoring previous bluetooth state…


  28. LIU

    I am a Chinese players, have been using the handle controller, although has been using the piracy, or offers such a great product thank you very much.Hope you getting better and better.

  29. Jack

    I bought the app to support the dev, even though it doesnt work on MM yet. Looking forward for the update :)

  30. Ruud

    Is there any update about the new and upcomming version maybe? :)

  31. Vinnom

    Hey guys,

    Please, talk to us… We only need to know if it will take to much time yet…

  32. Ben

    Any update on this. I rely on this app for my Shield TV :(

  33. S.Slave

    I was using sixaxis for a very long time. And it is the only reason that my phone loss it’s virginity(Root) :p Thanks for sharing this wonderful app. But Marshmallow has ruined everything. It takes our precious app with us. And at this point we can’t jump back to the old train(lollipop). We really want to see our precious app again hope it won’t leave us alone forever.

  34. Dancing Pixel Studios

    Just a quick update to let you know I’m still alive!

    I was very close to giving up on support for Marshmallow a couple of months ago, and have been taking a break from the problem, because I was making no progress for days on end. The Bluetooth stack in Marshmallow has been changed in such a way as to make it very difficult to access its internals.

    That said, I’ve just had another look at it with fresh eyes, and in a matter of a few hours, I have made some promising progress. Still not enough to conclude for certain that support will be possible, but I have renewed hope. I’ve been able to send some HCI commands and receive responses, but I can’t get any l2cap packets to communicate with the controller.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know there is still some hope. I will make a more official post once I know either way whether Marshmallow support will be possible.

    Thanks everyone for your patience!

    • Parker

      Thanks for the updates! Just ran across this thread. Great to know it is still being worked on.

  35. Nick

    Thank you for the renewed effort and update. M suppport would be greatly appreciated. I loved the app on L and hope to keep using it with M.

  36. Barthe

    Ceci et une très bonne nouvelle j’espère vite pouvoir utiliser ma dualshock 3 sur mon huawei mate 8, je vous encourage

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