Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis Controller is an Android application which allows the Sixaxis, Navigation, DualShock 3 & 4 Playstation controllers to be used as bluetooth input devices on many mobile phones and tablets. This enables the ultimate gaming experience to be had in a completely portable form factor.

Up to four controllers are supported at once, and key mappings are completely configurable, as well as the analog sticks, triggers and trackpad (DS4 only).

Important – Due to the non-standard protocol that the controllers use to communicate with the host, this application requires root access. Additionally, it is incompatible with most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices. This is due to the required bluetooth protocol not being implemented on these devices. We are actively looking into a work around, but currently the only solution is to install a custom firmware, such as Cyanogenmod, that supports the required protocols.

It is strongly recommended that you first test your Android device using the ‘Sixaxis Compatibility Checker’ app, available for free from the Market, before purchasing the ‘Sixaxis Controller’ app. If your device is compatible, you will be able to see your button presses show up once you have correctly configured the controllers.

To allow controllers to be used with your device, you must download and install the SixaxisPairTool from here. This will allow you to pair the controller with your device.

For full instructions, click here.