Frequently Asked Questions

I’m confused! Where do I begin?

Download and install the ‘Sixaxis Compatibility Checker’ from Google Play, and the SixaxisPairTool from here. Next, follow the instructions here. If the compatibility checker reports your phone as being compatible, you can then download the ‘Sixaxis Controller’ app from Google Play, and start playing games!

What is ‘root access’ and why is it required?

Root access gives certain applications elevated privileges and is required because current implementations of Android do not naturally supported the required protocols for communicating with the Sixaxis controller.

My controller works in menus, but won’t work in my emulator!?

In the *oid emulators, you must enable Settings->Other Settings->Use Input Method.

When I click ‘Start’, it says ‘Error: Missing required protocol’. What’s wrong?

Most probably your phone is not supported. See here.

I’ve run SixaxisPairTool and connected my controller via USB cable, but it still just says ‘Searching…’. What do I do next?

There is a known problem with swapping the USB port that you plug the controller in to. Try re-installing SixaxisPairTool with the controller still connected via USB cable. We are currently working on a fix for this.

When I try to run SixaxisPairTool I receive an error message stating ‘libusb0.dll is missing from your computer’. Help?

With the controller plugged in via USB cable, open up the Device Manager and look for something called ‘HID-compliant game device’. Uninstall this device driver, then re-install SixaxisPairTool. The problem should be solved.

I’m using MotionInJoy to pair, but when I press the power button, it won’t connect to Sixaxis Controller.

MotionInJoy requires that you type your bluetooth address in reversed order. I.e. If your phones address is 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6F, then you need to type it as 6F:5E:4D:3C:2B:1A.

I try to change the master address of my controller with SixaxisPairTool, but the address reverts back seconds later. How do I fix this?

Some fake controllers must connect to the bluetooth device immediately after changing their address, so the solution is to have the Sixaxis app running and started while your pair the controller.

Why does my Wi-Fi stop working or run slowly when I connect the controller?

Often this is caused by interference between the two wireless signals. Changing the channel your wireless router is broadcasting on should help.

My DS4 controller doesn’t connect after pairing via system bluetooth.

The DS4 controller uses a private encryption key which is not known by the Sixaxis app if you pair via system bluetooth. To solve this problem, simply pair the controller via USB using the SixaxisPairTool, or via OTG cable on your device. This will reset the private key, even if the master address was the same as before.

I’m stuck and my problem isn’t listed in the FAQ, what should I do!?

If you are fairly sure your phone is compatible and you can’t find answers anywhere, send me an email via the Contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.